ATC Card

This is a ATC Card, you can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/ , hope you enjoy doing it.

This project was made with ordinary parchment paper.

Step1: Trace the flowers and leaves with Gel Pen white, the hearts with Gel Pen copper.

Step 2: Perforate frame with 3-needle.

Step 3: Dorse the hearts and leaves with Dorso oil.

Step 4: Emboss the biggest flower with embossing tool Large Ball, small flowers and flower hearts with Small Ball, vines with Extra Small Ball, dots between 3-needle perforations with Small Ball.

Step 5: Perforate inside the biggest heart.with 2-needle.

Step 6: A second time perforate with 3-needle.

Step 7: Cut along the 3-needle perforations, and 2-needle perforations inside the big heart.

Step 8: You also can perforate double side of small hearts wiht 2-needle.

Step 9: Put it on the red paper then into plastic protection cover.


Mady said...

Merci infiniment Amanda pour ce magnifique modèle et votre générosité
Amitié Madeleine Fauvet

Amanda said...

You are welcome! Hope you enjoy doing it.

mani said...

You have designed a nice card , how you create the upper part of card?
Plastic Card
Plastic Cards

Amanda said...

Thanks for your praise.
I can't explain my ideas, I just do my works.

plastic protection cover said...

These cards are cute and beautifully crafted

Amanda said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing. Thanks you for your kind generosity.