2nd Mini Umbrella

The umbrella was made with Rainbow Parchment Paper,  diameter 6 cm.

 The umbrella was also made with Rainbow Parchment Paper.

The umbrella was made with Paradise Green Parchment Paper.

 The umbrella was made with Orange Parchment Paper.

The umbrella was made with Shaded Turquoise Parchment Paper.
The umbrella was made with Violet Parchment Paper.
The umbrella was made with Fuchsia Parchment Paper.
They are the family. All are my favorite.


3rd umbrella

This is Parchment Craft Magazine March 2013, On the cover this month: Pink Posy by Julie Roces, A Beauty to Behold by Anneke Oostmeijer, Wheel Appeal by Mary Kerr, Perfect Presentation by Dorothy Holness and Busy Brolly by Amanda Yeh.

This is the appearance of the umbrella, outer layer was made with ordinary parchement paper and inner layer with red.
Of course you can make it with any color parchment paper, they are all very beautiful.

This is umbrella internal, also nice!
Do you want to make it?

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A:Silver rib+ light brown
B:gold rib+Transparent bead

1. A bead (diameter 1.2cm, thickness 0.8cm)
2. Umbrella rib 1 piece (Metal Wire 1.5mm)
3. Multi Tack 2 pastille
4. Metal Wire(diameter 0.4mm) 50cm