New Year Card

This is a New Year Card, you can download free pattern at my site: http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/, hope you enjoy doing it.

Happy New Year! 

Step 1:
Trace the curves with Gel Pen Gold.

Step 2:
Paint the flowers and leaves with FABER-CASTELL COLORED PENCILS
136, 138 --- Flower petals;
167, 267, 278, 199---Leaves;
108, 169, 191-- Flower hearts

Step 3:
Emboss the curves with Extra Small Ball.

Step 4:
Perforate the double sides of curves with 2-needle.

Step 5:
Cut all holes inside the curves and between curves 

Step 6: 
Put into a deep blue paper.


Mini Christmas Tree

This is a Mini Christmas Tree, 
the height is only 4.3 cm, 
it is very cute, 
you can download the free pattern 
at my site: http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

We start to make one. 
Are you ready?

I used Moss Green Parchment Paper.
Perforare all black dots with 1-needle bold one the Embossing and Perforating A4 Diagonal Grid. (Pattern 1~5)

Turn to back, emboss the area between all 1-needle bold perforations using Wheel, other petals are the same.

Turn to front.

Perforate the holes again with 1-needle and enlarge the hole on the center.

Cut all black lines and along the outlines.

All components:
Pattern A--- 3 pieces
Pattern B--- 4 pieces
Pattern C--- 4 pieces
Pattern D--- 4 pieces
Pattern E--- 5 pieces
Pattern F (Rib)--- at least 5 cm (diameter 1 mm)
3mm bead ---15 pieces
Rhinestones(SS12) ---2 pieces

Turn to back, roll all petals with tweezers.

The rib passes 

****Very important****
Two flowers must be staggered and need to press with tweezers, then wait Glue dry.


press all petals down with finger.

Glue Phinestones on the top of tree.

You can put it into a battle, of course you have to cut the rib.
Hope you enjoy doing one, two, ... and many.
Merry Christmas!


Mini Lattice Bag Material

They are Mini Lattice Bags, Do you like them?
You can buy the Material in my site http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

 This is Mini lattice Bag Material.
1. pattern and explanation (A5 size 8 pages)

2. 230g parchment paper 2 sheets (printed pattern for making Work Grid 13.6*19.6cm)
3. No.36 handles 3 sets (Gold or Silver)
4. No.182 Bag Stand 1 set
5. Rhinestones SS6 120 pieces (Crystal AB)

We need Pergamano Straight A4 Grid or PCA-Bold Straight A4 FlexiDuo Grid
Aim the black dots of thick parchment paper at the hole of Grid, affix them together with tape,

Perforate all black dots.

 Finish Work Grids!

Affix Work Grids on the Grid with tape, then put a sheet of parchment paper between Work Grid and Grid, then affix other side of Grid with tape.

Perforate all holes.

Then accorde to the pattern and explanation to emboss  and cut.
Finish two layers of bag.

Finish the bag and hang it on the Bag Stand.

It is so tiny and cute.

I finished many bags for friends' gifts, I think they are very nice all my friends love them.


Parchment Craft Earrings

The Earrings are made of Parchment Paper, they are very easy, even beginner can make them well.
You can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

You will need 
Any Color Parchment Paper what you want
1-Needle Bold Perforator
Pergamano Diagonal A4 Grid or PCA – Fine Diagonal A4 FlexiDuo Grid
Embossing/Perforating Pad
Pointed Scissors Stainless Steel
Rhinestones SS10 - 2 pieces
Ear Hooks 2 pieces
2.6 cm T-Pin and Base 2 sets
Metal ornament 2 pieces
Transparent paint

All components of one earring
Pattern A---2 pieces
Pattern B---2 pieces
Pattern C---1 pieces
2.6 cm T-Pin and Base --- 1 sets
Rhinestones SS 10 - 1 pieces
bead ornament ---4 pieces
Metal ornament ---1 pieces
Ear Hooks ---1 pieces

Step 1:
Combine all ornaments, Ear Hooks together.

Step 2:
Roll the petals of all flowers with tweezers.

Step 3:
T-pin passes through a small petal and first medium petal, let  two petals stagger and stick them together with glue.
Wait glue  dry.

Step 4:
T-pin passes through second medium petal, let  first petal and second medium petal stagger and stick them together with glue.
Wait glue dry.

step 5:
T-pin passes through first large petal, let  first large petal and second medium petal stagger and stick them together with glue.
Wait glue dry.

Step 6:
T-pin passes through the small hole of Metal Ornament, put more glue on the hole double sides.

Step 7:
T-pin passes through second large petal, let  first large petal and second large petals stagger and stick them together with glue, them T-pin passes through the base, put some glue on base, then press the base.
Wait glue dry.

Step 8:
Cut the necessary part of T-pin.

Step 9:
Glue Rhinestones on heart of flower.

Step 10:
Completed a pair of earrings.

Step 11:
Other colors

Step 12:
It is very difficult to make two earrings are the same with Rainbow Parchment Paper or Shaded Color Parchment Paper, maybe they have some or many difference, but who care?

I am very sorry some pictures' directions are wrong, but I don't know how to change, maybe someone would tell me.