My third book---Charming In Parchment Craft

This is my third book "Charming In Parchment Craft", there are 5 bag, 3 ball, 6 lantern and 2 fan patterns in the book, 61pages, all of them are very charming.

You will see Grids were used with special method, with step by step combination method of all 3D works, you can finish every bag easily by yourself.

You can buy my books at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/shop.aspx?category=2&productId=0

Wedding Bag

Beauty Bag

Bride Bag

Semicircle  Bag

Garden Bag

Line Ball 

Colored Ball

Flower Ball 

Merger Lantern

Tilted Lantern

Flower Lantern

Curls Lantern

 Cage Lantern

Rhombus Lantern

Fans A

Fans B


Geometry Card

This is a Geometry Card, hope you enjoy doing it. You can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

This project was made with ordinary parchment paper.

Trace all curves with Gel Pen white.

Emboss with Extra Large Ball 4.5mm : you can see the color picture.
Stipple with 1-needle at C eara.
With 1-needle bold perforate and extra small emboss using the Embossing and perforation A4 Diagonal Grid: perforate A earas and emboss B earas.

Perforate with 2-needle: You can see the color picture.
Cut the 2-needle perforations.

Fold the fold line, glue the work and pattern together with tape, and cut together.

Fold the inner layers, and only glue the fold line.

Adjusted position.

Fix the 2 layers with tapes, cut inner layer, remove the tapes.



Rose Card V

This is a Rose Card, you can download the free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/, hope you enjoy doing it.

This project was made with ordinary parchment paper.

Trace all flowers with Gel Pen white and curves with gold pen. (All Patterns)

With Extra Large Ball 4.5mm : flower petals (Pattern A)
With extra Small Ball : glod curves (Pattern A)
With Large Ball: flower petals (Pattern B).

With 2-needle perforate along the outside flower petals (Pattern B).

Cut along the 2-needle perforations. (Pattern B)

With 2-needle perforate along the outside of flower petals and double sides of gold curves (Pattern A)

Fold the fold line, then perforate two layers together with 2-needle along the outlines (Pattern A)

Cut along the 2-needle perforations.

Cut along the 2-needle perforations.

Painting with Faber-Castell colored pencils

249 - Flower petals;
173, 267, 278 and 199 (black) – Leaves and stems
Pattern B is finished!

Affix Pattern B onto Pattern A with the patels.
Attach  rhinestones on flower heart. finish!



Birthday Card

This is a simple birthday card, you can download it free at  http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/. Hope you enjoy doing it.

The project was made of parchment paper.

Fold at the fold line, trace all curves and flowers with Gel Pen white. (pattern A)

Finish tracing.

Turn parchment paper to back, affix it above pattern B with tape, trace the butterfly.

Dorse the flower  patels with Dorso oil.

Emboss the flower hearts with Embossing Tool Star.

Emboss the flower patels with Embossing Tool Large Ball.

Embossing finished!

Emboss the butterfly with Embossing Tool Large Ball.

Perforate with 2-needle, then cut along 2-needle perforations.

 Perforate along the patels with 2-needle.

Then cut along 2-needle perforations.

 Affix the butterfly and the flower.

Glue the words and Completed!