Geometry Card

This is a Geometry Card, hope you enjoy doing it. You can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

This project was made with ordinary parchment paper.

Trace all curves with Gel Pen white.

Emboss with Extra Large Ball 4.5mm : you can see the color picture.
Stipple with 1-needle at C eara.
With 1-needle bold perforate and extra small emboss using the Embossing and perforation A4 Diagonal Grid: perforate A earas and emboss B earas.

Perforate with 2-needle: You can see the color picture.
Cut the 2-needle perforations.

Fold the fold line, glue the work and pattern together with tape, and cut together.

Fold the inner layers, and only glue the fold line.

Adjusted position.

Fix the 2 layers with tapes, cut inner layer, remove the tapes.