My 4th book "Brilliant Parchment Craft in 3D"

My new book will be published on 5 March, you can per-order now at my site: http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/ , you can get free gift befor order befor 1 March.

These are all works in my book, a set of Coffee Cup and Pot, a set of Tea Cup and Pot, a Goblet, a Birthday Cake, a Tricycle, a Baby Carriage and a Carriage.

You also can do a mini umbrella, 3D flowers, and two different wheels, they are very very special.

In this book you also need some material, please see the explanstion.

Coffee Cup and Pot:
1. Metal Wire (diameter 0.4mm)
2. Metal Wire (diameter 0.65mm)
3. 200g Parchment Paper
4. Multi Tack: 1 pastille
5. T Pin and Plastic Base: 8 sets
6. Bead (diameter: 12mm, thickness: 10mm)
7. Rhinestones: 2 pieces

Tea Cup and Pot:
1. Metal Wire (diameter 0.4mm):
2. Metal Wire (diameter 0.65mm):
3. Drop Bead (diameter 10mm, thickness 15mm): 1 piece
4.  Multi Tack: 1 pastille
5. T Pin and Plastic Base: 6 sets
6. 200g Parchment Paper:
7. Rhinestones: 2 pieces
8. Half Round Pearl Bead (3mm):  

1. Metal Wire (diameter 0.45mm)
2. 200g Parchment Paper
3. Ribbon (3mm width): 30cm

Birthday Cake:
1. Metal wire (0.4mm)
2. Metal wire (diameter 1mm)
3. Eye Pin 4cm: 2 pieces   (Metal Wire 1mm)
3. T pin (4cm): 1 piece
4. T pin (2.6cm): 7 pieces
5. 200g Parchment Craft
6. Rhinestones: 8 pieces

A bigger flower
1. T pin (4cm): 1 piece
2. Rhinestones: 1 pieces

A smaller flower
1. T pin (2.6cm): 1 piece
2. Rhinestones: 1 pieces

These are Eva Foam Wheels.

1 piece-- 14.5cm*20cm.
You can make 1 bigger and 7 smaller wheels  or 10 smaller wheels. The Tricycle has 1 bigger and 2 small wheels,  the Baby Carrige has 4 smaller wheels. (product No.131)

1. Metal wire (diameter 1mm)
2. Metal wire (diameter 0.6mm)
3. Handle ornaments: 2 pieces
4. 3mm bead: 8 pieces
5. Rhinestones 4 pieces
6. Eva Foam (thickness 2mm)

Baby Carrige:
1. Metal Wire (diameter 0.65mm)
2. Eye Pin 4.5cm: 4 pieces  (Metal Wire 1mm)
3. Eye Pin: 10.5cm   (Metal Wire 1mm)
3. Umbrella Hat (deep: 7mm , opening: 9mm): 1piece
4. 3mm bead: 16 piece
5. Brad : 2 pieces
6. Multi Tack: 1 pastille
7. Eva Foam (thickness 2mm)
8. 200g Parchment Paper

Mini umbrella
1. Metal Wire (diameter 0.4mm)
2. Curved Handle Rib: 1 piece  (Metal Wire 1.5mm)
3. Umbrella Hat (deep: 7mm , opening: 9mm): 1 piece
4. 3mm width ribbon: 15cm
5. Multi Tack: 1 pastille

You can buy 2nd umbrella Matetials  (product No. 119)

This is a Pierced Wheel. You need the wheels to make a perfect Carriage.

If you use the Acrylic Wheel Tool. you can easily affix inner layer of wheel in the center, so the wheels turn smoothly. (Product No. 134)

1. Eye Pin 5cm: 4 pieces (Metal Wire 1mm)
2. T pin(1.5cm) and plastic base: 6 sets
3. T Pin (2.6cm): 10 pieces
3. 3mm Bead: 8 pieces
4. Rhinestones: 39 pieces
5. 200g Parchment Paper


Mini Umbrella

This is a mini umbrella, the pattern is from my new book, it will be published on 5 March.
This one was mad of Turquoise Parchment Paper,  diameter is 6 cm.

This is inner of umbrella, aslo beautiful.

This is a Fuchsia umbrella, it is more beautiful.

This one is clearer.