Freehand Embossing in Parchment Craft

My new book "Freehand Embossing in Parchment Craft" will be published in the ending of April.
It include Freehand Embossing Lessons, 10 works and 17 reference designs.
You can pre-order at my site from April 3, order before 22 April you have some free  gifts. my site: http://www.amanda-craft.tw/

You can choose A, B or C

(A) No. 24 - 15cm Ruler (transparent) - 1 piece, 
       Rhinestone: SS6-60 pieces 
                              SS12 (Crystal AB) - 5 pieces
       2.6 cm T-Pin and plastic base - 5 sets

(B)No. 36 Handle Material (Gold) - 1 set
     No. 182 Bag Stand (Blue)- 1 set
     2.6 cm T-Pin and plastic base - 5 sets

(C)No. 36 Handle Material (Silver) - 1 set
     No. 182 Bag Stand (Blue)- 1 set
     2.6 cm T-Pin and plastic base - 5 sets

You can learn Freehand Embossing of flowers and leaves, practice more then you can emboss many flowers, leaves and decoration without patterns only need to follow your feeling.
Perhaps you are not used to freehand embossing so I also draw the patterns you can refer.

Content of the book.
There are 18 pages Freehand Embossing Lessons

Freehand Embossing Lesson 
"How to Emboss a Big Leaf"

Freehand Embossing Lesson 
"How to Emboss a Pointed Petal Flower"

10 works

1. Royal Box

2. Hexagonal Box

 3. Square Box

 4.  Mini Bag

 5. Mini Jumper Dress and Coat

 6. Grid ATC Card

 7. Heart ATC Card

 8. Ruler A and B

9. Mini Card

I would like to thank my family, and my good friends Miki Green(Guo Yu-Ling), Linda Moga Rivera and 呂翠鳳 for their contribution to this book and all friends who enjoy my books.


Miki Green's new book---Wonderful Lace

This is Miki Green's new book -- Wonderful Lace
As always there are many exquisite works.

This book had 48 pages and 22 projects.

You can buy it at my site: http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

Miki share some photos for us.


New Year Card

This is a New Year Card, you can download free pattern at my site: http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/, hope you enjoy doing it.

Happy New Year! 

Step 1:
Trace the curves with Gel Pen Gold.

Step 2:
Paint the flowers and leaves with FABER-CASTELL COLORED PENCILS
136, 138 --- Flower petals;
167, 267, 278, 199---Leaves;
108, 169, 191-- Flower hearts

Step 3:
Emboss the curves with Extra Small Ball.

Step 4:
Perforate the double sides of curves with 2-needle.

Step 5:
Cut all holes inside the curves and between curves 

Step 6: 
Put into a deep blue paper.


Mini Christmas Tree

This is a Mini Christmas Tree, 
the height is only 4.3 cm, 
it is very cute, 
you can download the free pattern 
at my site: http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

We start to make one. 
Are you ready?

I used Moss Green Parchment Paper.
Perforare all black dots with 1-needle bold one the Embossing and Perforating A4 Diagonal Grid. (Pattern 1~5)

Turn to back, emboss the area between all 1-needle bold perforations using Wheel, other petals are the same.

Turn to front.

Perforate the holes again with 1-needle and enlarge the hole on the center.

Cut all black lines and along the outlines.

All components:
Pattern A--- 3 pieces
Pattern B--- 4 pieces
Pattern C--- 4 pieces
Pattern D--- 4 pieces
Pattern E--- 5 pieces
Pattern F (Rib)--- at least 5 cm (diameter 1 mm)
3mm bead ---15 pieces
Rhinestones(SS12) ---2 pieces

Turn to back, roll all petals with tweezers.

The rib passes 

****Very important****
Two flowers must be staggered and need to press with tweezers, then wait Glue dry.


press all petals down with finger.

Glue Phinestones on the top of tree.

You can put it into a battle, of course you have to cut the rib.
Hope you enjoy doing one, two, ... and many.
Merry Christmas!


Mini Lattice Bag Material

They are Mini Lattice Bags, Do you like them?
You can buy the Material in my site http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

 This is Mini lattice Bag Material.
1. pattern and explanation (A5 size 8 pages)

2. 230g parchment paper 2 sheets (printed pattern for making Work Grid 13.6*19.6cm)
3. No.36 handles 3 sets (Gold or Silver)
4. No.182 Bag Stand 1 set
5. Rhinestones SS6 120 pieces (Crystal AB)

We need Pergamano Straight A4 Grid or PCA-Bold Straight A4 FlexiDuo Grid
Aim the black dots of thick parchment paper at the hole of Grid, affix them together with tape,

Perforate all black dots.

 Finish Work Grids!

Affix Work Grids on the Grid with tape, then put a sheet of parchment paper between Work Grid and Grid, then affix other side of Grid with tape.

Perforate all holes.

Then accorde to the pattern and explanation to emboss  and cut.
Finish two layers of bag.

Finish the bag and hang it on the Bag Stand.

It is so tiny and cute.

I finished many bags for friends' gifts, I think they are very nice all my friends love them.