mini dress with step by step

Many friends order my book from me , I had sent the pattern for thank you. I print in parchment paper with color lines, you don't need to trace the pattern and easy to finish.
If you order before 5 July, I will also send you the pattern.

dorsing with dorso oil. The left figure dorso in the front, the right in the back.

To practice wheel rolls, the wheel and paper are vertical, the hand pulls downward, speed slowly, your wrist doesn't rotate, with the finger rotate direction, you may roll out smooth and beautiflu wave line .

left figure: Press out the small spot in wave line side with embossing tool fime stylus, or press flower with star.

riht figure: roll out different direction lines with embossing tool wheel.

left figure: roll out different direction lines with embossing tool wheel in the front.

right figure: roll out wave lines , emboss points and flowers what you want in the back.

perforate collar with perporation tool 2-needle in the back, the lower hem of skirt and shawl in the front.

Cut along 2-needle perforations, and color line.

Only glue under Waist.

Glue the shawls.

Make a backward somersault the collar, glue it to shawl, then glue Swarvoski Rhinestones. It is in my palm, very mini and cute.

Look for diameter 3 centimeters jars to make an aluminum foundation approximately, place above folds the clothes rack.

Put dresses on the clothes racks , are they very cute?


My book "Lovely bags in parchment craft"

This is my book "Lovely bags in parchment craft" , there are 20 bag patterns in this book, all projects are very cute. There are combination method of all works with step by step, you can finish every bag easy by yourself.

This is No.6, which one do you like ? I like them , they are very noble, you can try any color parchment paper, all of them are very beautiful.

This is No.11, they are very romantic.

this is NO.16, they are very cute!

this is NO.17, I like them very much!

This is No. 15, I like them too, they are very special, you also try any color parchment paper.

The book will be published in June 14 in Taiwan, it is in English.
The prise: US $25
Sipping cost: (one book)
US $ 8: U.S.A, Hawaii, Canada, Asia
US $ 9: Europe, Australia, New Zealand
You can buy with your friends together for saving shipping cost.
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if you any question about my book, my e-Mail: yeh.ching.craft@gmail.com

My bags were published in pergamano magazine N0.1 and 6, and 17th work of the book "My Passion My Parchment".
The bag is in Pergamano Magazine No.1.

This bag is in Pergamano Magazine No.6.

This bag is in "My Passion My Parchment".