A lie

I registered as a Pergamano teacher from October 2003, I signed a file, teaching and designing works only use P ergamano tools and comply with all regulations.

After, Taiwan agents registered "Paper Lace" (the Chinese translation of Parchment Craft) a few years ago, all of Taiwan teachers must sign the “Paper Lace Chinese Agreement”, in order to be able to use the Trademark, all of the teachers had signed

But last year the Trademark of “Paper Lace” was revoked, the Agent replaced "Paper Lace" by “IPCA Paper Lace”, still requires teachers to sign the Chinese Agreement.

I do not know why I have to sign a strange Agreement.

I did not sign the Agreement, so I was canceled the Taiwan teachers' qualifications, and the teacher shopping discounts.

Do you know when Martha came Taiwan How much did I attend the teacher's lessons? 3 days basic lesson 250 Euro, Advanced Lesson 150 Euro per day, I attend 5 days total is 1000 Euro.

I do not know why the agent and co-ordinators have such power.

Sandy Fan, Miki Green, Olive Zvezdin, A-Mei and me, Amanda Yeh, at least 5 teachers are not Taiwan's teachers now.

Do you know other Taiwan teachers? I have a blog 309,650 people visited in Taiwan (Taiwan teacher’s blog No.1), A-Mei 241,381 (No.2), Sanday Fan 230,270 (No. 3) , Olive Zvezdin 206,137 (No.4), Miki Green 85,848 (No.5), some of other teachers have a blog, only one above 50,000.

I am very angry, I think Pergamano have breached of contract.


k@rin said...

hello amanda,

I'm very sorry it happened to you.

I was once asked to be also a parchment teacher. But I know they're very strict rules. And it costs a lot. And you have got to have much time for it. So I passed.

I hope it will be solved. The time and the effort you spent in it.

Amanda said...

Thanks for your friendship!

This poor relationship has been maintained for a long time.
agents and co-ordinator, don't respect for our views.

We are only noticed the purchase of new products, I think many company messages have not been told to us.

I have a full-time job, as you can see, I am so hard, it is not fair for me.

Don't worry about me, I will still continue to create my works.

Thanks for your friendship!