ATC Card

This is a ATC Card, you can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/, hope you enjoy doing it.

This project was made with ordinary parchment paper.

Step1: Trace the flowers and leaves with Gel Pen white, curves and outlines with Gel Pen copper.

Step2: Emboss flowers with Embossing tool Large Ball, the leaves with Embossing tool Extra large Ball 4.5mm, flower hearts with Embossing tool Small Ball, all curves and outlines with Embossing tool Extra Small Ball.

Step 3: Perforate double side of the curves and outlines with 2-needle.

Step 4: Cut along 2-needle perforations.

Step 5:  Put it on the blue paper then into plastic protection cover.


Mady said...

Thank you Amanda !!!

Amanda said...

You are welcome!

Mamisette said...

Thank's very much Amanda for the new pattern of ATC !
It's very beautiful !

Anonymous said...

merci Amanda pour se partage encore une belle carte Annette

Amanda said...

You are welcome! Hope you enjoy doing it.

danie said...

merci beaucoup de nous laisser ainsi des modèles gratuits.
je commence seulement à m'intéresser à cet art tellement beau.
ce soir, j'ai fait un petit ATC. c'est loin d'être parfait mais bon, c'est mon tout 1er travail.
très cordialement

Amanda said...

You are welcome!
Congratulations, you have a new work.