ATC Card

This is a Chinese Words ATC Card, you can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/ , hope you enjoy doing it.

This project was made with ordinary parchment paper.

Pattern B

Step 1:
Perforate all black dots and emboss all gray dots with 1-needl bold on the Embossing and Perforating A4 Diagonal Grid.

Emboss the small circle among the 1-needle perforations with emobssing tool Small Ball.

Cut along the 1-needle perforations.

Step 2: Trace the Chinese Word with Gel Pen brown.

Step 3:
Emboss the Chinese Word with embossing tool Large ball.

Pattern A

Step 4: 
Perforate black dots with 1-needle bold perforate on the Embossing and perforation A4 straight Grid.

Step 5:
Emboss all drops and small circles with embossing tool Small Ball.

Step 6:
Cut all gray areas and along the 1-needle bold perforations.

Step 7:
Affix Pattern B on A by sliding B under embossed flowers on Pattern A as indicated in the picture.

Step 8: Put it on the red paper then into plastic protection cover.



Mamisette said...

Une bien jolie ATC !
MERCI Amanda de nous offrir ce superbe patron .
Amicalement .

Amanda said...

Thank you very much!