Flower Fan

This is a flower fan, for the beginner, you can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

All pattern were made of ordinary parchment paper.

Trace entire pattern with Gel Pen red.


Draw some lines in the pattern. Of course you can draw any lines what you want.

Apply the area with different color Oil Pastes.

 Cotton applicator moistens Dorso Oil and dorso them.

Then dorso the border between different color area with tissue.


Emboss all flower petals and the areas between two vurves with embossing tool Large Ball. Because the Embossing pad is black, the color trace cann't be see clear, we can put a tissue under the parchment paper.


Emboss small dots between two red dots with embossing tool extra small ball.


 Perforate along and beside the curves with 2-needle, then cut along 2-needle perforations.

Cut along and outside the lines with scissors.

Hole with the tool.


There are 8 pieces.

Assemble the 8 fan blades by securing with a brad as indicated in the illustrated pattern.
You can see "How to make mini tassels at http://amanda-craft.blogspot.com/2009/09/make-mini-tassels.html

Glue a Rhinestone onto the heart of flower.
The fan is completed!
Hope you enjoy doing it!


Eliza Art said...

Beautiful range. I admire you and invite you to see my range pergaminowo-quillingowego. Regards

heather gilmour said...

It's very beautiful! Great pattern and colour combination!
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