This is a Bookmark, you can download the free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/, hope you enjoy doing it.
Pattern A, B and D were made of ordianry parchment paper.
Pattern D was made of blue paper.
Pattern A
Step 1:
Trace entire design with Gel Pen white.

Step 2:
Emboss all curves with embossing tool Extra Small Ball.

Step 3:
Perforate along the double sides of white trace with 2-needle.

Step 4:
Cut along the 2-needle perforations.

Pattern B

Step 1:

Dorsing Pattern B with Dorso oil and deep blue and light blue.

Step 2:
Perforate along outline with 3-needle.

Step 3:
Emboss dots between 3-needle perforations with Small Ball.

Step 4:
A second time perforate with 3-needle.

Step 5:
Cut along the 3-needle perforations.

Pattern C
Cut along the outline.

Pattern D

Step 1:
Perforate black dots with 1-needle bold perforate on the Embossing and perforation A4 straight Grid.

Step 2:
Emboss all line inside 1-needle bold perforations according to Pattern D-2. 

Step 3:
Cut along the black lines according to Pattern D-3

Step 4:
Glue 2 flowers together, then glue a Rhinestone onto flower heart.

Glue Pattern A on B.

Glue 3 flowers, then Put it into plastic protection cover.



charocarrasco said...

Really beautiful, thank you so much for sharing.

MARIE ODILE Martin said...

Merci beaucoup pour tous ces beaux modeles et celui ci est tres original j'aime beaucoup

Les Secrets de Chloé said...

Thank you for all those lovely free patterns!