Birthday Card

This is a simple birthday card, you can download it free at  http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/. Hope you enjoy doing it.

The project was made of parchment paper.

Fold at the fold line, trace all curves and flowers with Gel Pen white. (pattern A)

Finish tracing.

Turn parchment paper to back, affix it above pattern B with tape, trace the butterfly.

Dorse the flower  patels with Dorso oil.

Emboss the flower hearts with Embossing Tool Star.

Emboss the flower patels with Embossing Tool Large Ball.

Embossing finished!

Emboss the butterfly with Embossing Tool Large Ball.

Perforate with 2-needle, then cut along 2-needle perforations.

 Perforate along the patels with 2-needle.

Then cut along 2-needle perforations.

 Affix the butterfly and the flower.

Glue the words and Completed!


Anonymous said...

merci Amanda encore une très jolie carte je la fait tout de suite Annette

Amanda said...

Thank you for your praise, hope you enjoy to do it.

Anonymous said...

merci Amanda-love the card. very nice.

Areka said...

Amanda, this card is really cute. I have tried cutting with the scissors between the 2 perforations and I don't have a nice work, but I have tried with a 3 needle and as the perforations are closers, I can work very nice since I cut with my hands. Tips are welcome, can u tell me how to get a nice result?

Sheila said...

Thank you amanda i love your patterns

Anonymous said...

Děkuji za krásné vzory, mám Vás moc ráda a obdivuji Vaši práci.