Mother's Day Card

This is a Mother's Day Card, My friends and me had made our cards on 1 April, you can download this card at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/ , hope Mothers are happy every day.

Pattern A was made of parchment paper.
Pattern B was made of Vellum.

Fold the fold line, trace all curves and flowers with Gel Pen white.

Emboss the petals and words with embossing tool Large Ball, Calyxes with embossing tool Extra Large Ball 4.5mm, all curves and outlines with emboss tool Extra Small ball. 

Perforate two layers along the outlines with 2-needle.

Perforate double side of all curves with 2-needle.

Cut along 2-needle perforations (Pattern A), and cut along the outline (Pattern B).
Glue the Pattern B insert into the card.

My second Card!
Happy Mother's Day!

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My'scardcorner said...

Amazing work Im always in ore of parchment work just beautiful

Amanda said...

Thank you for you praise, I am glad you like my works, hope you enjoy to do them.

Areka said...

Dear Amanda, greetings from Ecuador in South America. Your works are wonderful. I love parchment and your blog is inspirating. I also make parchment craft... I added you as my favorites and I became a follower. Visit my site areka-crafts-manualidades.blogspot.com