grid fan

This is a grid fan, it looks like the flower bud silk .
You can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

Perforating on grid
With perforating tool 1-needle bold, and embossing and perforating grid diagonal A4: according to pattern

(2)With embossing tool small ball : according to pattern
(3)With embossing tool extra small ball: all small lines according to pattern
(4)Embossing finished!

Cut off all same shapes

(6)One component finished!

Fixed 7 fan blades and tassel with brad.
You can see " how to make mini tassels at http://amanda-craft.blogspot.com/2009/09/make-mini-tassels.html
(8)~(15) You can see hwo to combine fan with brad
(8)tassels and brad
(9)Brad through the ring of the tassels at the top

(10)(11)Brad through the holes of fan blades.
(12)Brad through the holes of fan blades
(13)the fan back
(14) Open the brad legs.

(15) Adjust fan blades, glue A and B wiht perga-glue.

This is my new pack--Special style Pack 1
This pack contains:
2 patterns(one dress and one bag)
detailed instrustions of step by step with color pictures (3 pages), you can finish them easily by yourself
a color illustration of the finished article
This pack will be available on 15 January, you can order at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/products.aspx?Id=3


Cecilia Jeannette Slier said...

thnak you so much. but i could not to fixe it? sorry i dont speack english. may you explein to me how to put blades together. thanks again,my email is jeannetteslier@gmail.com

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