New Year card

Happy New Year! Hope you happy next year!
This is a new year card, the meaning of Chinese words is "Happy New Year".
You can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

(1)With embossing tool wheel: roll out smooth and beautiflu wave line. (pattern B)
(2)With embossing tool extra small ball: Press out the small spot in wave line side (pattern B)
(3)emboss some flowers, pattern B was finished!
You can see "how to use embossing tool wheel" at http://amanda-craft.blogspot.com/2009_05_01_archive.html

With embossing tool star: flower heart
With embossing tool small ball: flower petals

With pintura glod: four Chinese word (pattern A)
Wiht large ball and small ball : four Chinese word (pattern A)

With T white: 2010 (pattern A)
With perforating tool 1-needle: 2010 (pattern A)
Perforating (shallow)
With perforating tool 2-needl: gray lutlines
With perforating tool 3-needle: outlines
With embossing tool small ball: dots between 3-needle perforations
Perforating (deep)
With perforating tool 3-needle: a second time 3-needle perforations

Cut along 2-needle and 3-needle perforations
pattern A and B hole together.

fixed patternA and B with brads, and glued mini kimonos, put into a red paper.
you can see "how to make mini kimono" at http://amanda-craft.blogspot.com/2009_06_01_archive.html


mamieperga said...

Bonjour, je vais faire ce modèle pour l'amie de mon fils qui adore ce style.

Amanda said...

I am glad it is useful!