lovely handbags

This handbag is made of ordinary parchment paper and vellum. I use Multi grid 05 and embossing tool extra small ball to emboss the pattern of the both sides.

The size 8cm,11cm, 4cm.

It is a work in my new book which I soon publish.

This is another.


Maryline. Palella said...

Hello Amanda, your bag is really very beautiful. J' hope that your book will be published in France because j' like much your models. So long. Maryline (FRANCE)

Amanda said...

Dear Maryline:

Thank you very much!

I think my book will be not published in france, but you can buy from me.


varun said...

good stuff!!Shawls and Scarves

JayEm said...

Will your book be published in UK? I would like a copy .... when will it be available? All your handbags are beautiful as is all your other work as well.

Kind regards.

Amanda said...

for Jackie:
My book "lovely bags in parchment craft" will be published in May or June, there are 20 bags patterns in this book, all projects are very cute.

My book will be not published in UK, but you can buy from me.