My first handbag (another design)-----step by step

Happy new year! This is my first work in 2009. This is a free pattern, you can download free pattern by yourself at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/
This is another design of my first handbag, it is more beautiful, the projest is made of parchment paper red (pagamano code61586)

This is the side.

You can do the work like the picture. With Multi grid 04 (code 31456), 1-needle and embossing tool large ball. Cut multi grid peforations into croses and slots.

The pttern is pagamano Rub-ons, perforating tool five in circle and Wheel, you can do anything what you want.

Fix aluminum wire.

Fix the side.

inside the bag.

Fix handle.

Fix widget.

Attach Swarovski Crystal on flower heart. finish!


Romavan said...

Beautiful Amanda ! I just love your bag and the explanation given here on your site is fabulous !
So well done ! I would love to have the pattern. My address is romavan@versateladsl.be
I live in Brussels, Belgium. Will you be coming to the PWE in Bristol next May ? I intend to go and would love to meet you.
I wish you all the best for 2009, Rosemarie

Laura said...

Thank you Amanda for this explanation!!!!
Your red bag is beautiful!! :-)

Amanda said...

for Romavan:
Nice to meet you! Happy New Year! I don't go PWE 2009, because I am a school teacher don't ask to leave in school day.

I hope my parchment craft handbag book will publish soon, maybe in April or May.

for Laura:
Thank you, you can try another color paper, also beautiful.


Good morning, I find your splendid job.
I would like to accept your pattern to be able to try to do again this work.
My email is: lescloclos@live.be
Good day and especially congratulations for 2009

ps : my English is very poor because I speak french

Amanda said...

for Claudine
It's O.K. I understand, I also speak Chinese English.

martine.lh said...

Hello Amanda
Your bag are very beautiful. I'm interest for the pattern.
My e-mail address : martine.lh@neuf.fr
Thank you

Martine from France

Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda
Your bag are very beautiful. I'm interest for the pattern.
my address email :marguyray@orange.fr
Thank you
Raymonde from France

Maryline. Palella said...

Bonjour Amanda, votre sac est vraiment très beau.
Moi aussi je serais ravie d'avoir votre modèle.
Avec tous mes remerciements.
Encore félicitation pour toutes vos créations.
Mon adresse email: miss71530@hotmail.fr
Je passerais régulièrement sur votre blog.
A bientôt.
Maryline (FRANCE)

Maryline. Palella said...

Hello Amanda, your bag is really very beautiful. Me also I would be delighted d' to have your model. With all my thanks. Still congratulation for all your creations. My address email: miss71530@hotmail.fr I would pass regularly on your blog. So long. Maryline (FRANCE)

meg said...

Nice work amanda.
I am new to parchment art.I am doing this just refering the instuction on net.Can you please send me that pattern.I want to do better.My email id is s_mehana@rediffmail.com

meg said...

sorry the email id is s_meghana@rediffmail.com

Danièle said...

Dear Amanda,Your bag is really beautiful, I would be delighted to have your pattern , my e-mail : boulle.g@orange.fr
congratulation for all your creations thak you so much,
Danièle ( France )

Sue said...

Hi Amanda,

I'm just discovering all your posts, I follow your website but this is all new to me and I'm trying to catch up with your lovely work,
Please would it be possible to have this pattern too.
My email is suehastwell@ntlworld.com
Thank you again,

MAPO said...

Hello Amanda,
Your little bags are very nice.Could you send me this pattern,please?
Here is my email: mapo.trouve@orange.fr
Thank's very much.

Rosa Ortiz said...

Hello Amanda,
Congratulations. I love your bags ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Could you send me your pattern, please? I would be happy to share with you my modest creations.
My email is rosaortiz@ya.com and my blog is www.losratonesdepablo.com.

I live in Madrid .Spain

Amanda said...

for Rosa:

I put my free patterns at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/, you can download by yourself.

Your works are very beautiful!


Géraldine said...

WOW Amanda,
Your bags are beautiful and the explinations are easy to understand. Congratulation.
Now how do I process to get some patterns. I'm living in CAnada
Thank you
Géraldine Bujold

Amanda said...

Thank you very much!

I have a bag book, there are 20 bags with step by step, you can finish easily by yourself. You can see them at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/books.aspx?Id=1

you can buy the book at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/products.aspx?Id=3

Kathya said...

Hello Amanda,

Verry nice bag it's beautiful.

Were can i find the attatchmands, i lookted everywere.
Sorry for my english.



Amanda said...

Hi Kathya:
I buy any ornaments in Taiwan.