Graceful Works in Parchment Craft

My New book"Graceful Works in Parchment Craft" will be published on 9th August.
You can pr-order from July 26th and before August 3rd in my site, you will get 2 packs material for Bride and Groom.
I will send you the book from 10th August, and you will receive it about 10~14 days.
My site: 

There are 4 Fans, 2 Bags, How to make Roses and Buds, Vase, Flower Basket, Bride, Groom, Wedding Cake, and 3 Bookmarks in the book. All project designs are romantic and beautiful. You will see grids used with special methods again, with step-by-step instructions of all the projects that will enable you to easily finish each one.
I would like to thank my family and my good friends Miki Green (Guo Yu-Ling) and Linda Moga Rivera for their contribution to this book and to all parchment friends who enjoy my books.

Its publication was delayed for several months. The groom was the most difficult design for me. The other projects were not that easy either. All of my designed projects are also challenges for me, not only in the designing, but also the language. Some steps were very difficult to describe in both Chinese and English. Linda and I spent a lot of time discussing problematic explanations of the instructions, but finally completed this arduous task. Of course Miki always does the perfect art editing.

You need to see what materials will be use.

(1)There are 4 Fans in my book, one Fan need one Brad.

(2) Bags

     Bloom Bag:
     1 set Big Handles (No.85 Big Handles(Gold or Silver)
       5mm Bead 1 piece
       Metal Wire (Diameter 0.3mm5cm     
      Rhinestones (ss6 – 14 pieces)
       1.4 cm T-pin and base 14 sets
  Butterfly Bag
     1 set Big Handles (No.85 Big Handles(Gold or Silver)
      5mm Bead 1 piece
      Metal Wire (Diameter 0.3mm5cm
      Rhinestones (ss6 – 39 pieces)
      1.4 cm T-pin and base 5 sets


No.85 Big Handles(Gold or Silver)

(3) How to Make Rose and Bud, Rose Card, Vase and Flower Basket, Wedding Cake.

     1 Big Rose:
           4cm T-pin 1 piece,
              2mm Bead 1 piece,
              3mm Bead 1 piece,
              ss6 Rhinestone 1 piece
              Copper Ring: Diameter 6mm, 10mm and 14mm

      1 Small Rose:
           4cm T-pin 1 piece,
               2mm Bead 3 pieces,
               ss6 Rhinestone 1 piece
               Copper Ring: Diameter 4mm, 8mm and 12mm

      1 Bud :
           4cm T-Pin 1 piece,
               2mm Bead 1 piece,
               3mm Bead 1 piece

                                 No. 187 Copper Ring
They are the tools to make the mini roses, can control the size and  shape.

(4)Groom, Bride and Wedding Cake

     Wooden Bead (Diameter 1.8cm) 1 pieces
      8mm Bead 2 pieces
      3mm Bead 4 pieces
      2mm Bead 2 pieces
      Rhinestones (ss10 – 2 pieces)
      Nail 2 pieces
      1.4cm T-pin and Base 7 sets
      Straw (Diameter 0.5cm) 9.5cm, 7cm 
      Multi Tack 3 spindles
      0.4mm Metal Wire 16cm

No.190 Groom Material

     Wooden Bead (Diameter 1.8cm) 2 pieces
      8mm Bead 2 pieces
      3mm Bead 8 pieces
      2mm Bead 4 pieces
      Rhinestones (ss6 – 24 pieces)
      1.4 cm T-pin 2 pieces
      Plastic T-pin and Base 10 sets
      Straw (Diameter 0.5cm)  4cm
      0.4mm Metal Wire 24cm
      0.3mm Metal Wire 40cm

No.191 Bride Material

Wedding Cake:
    The materials of "How to Make Rose and Bud"
    Rhinestones (ss6 – 6 pieces)

      0.6mm Metal Wire 50cm


Mamisette said...

Hello Amanda ,
je viens de le commander ... Hâte de le recevoir !!!
MERCI pour ces merveilleux modèles .
Amitiés .

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