Mini Lattice Bag Material

They are Mini Lattice Bags, Do you like them?
You can buy the Material in my site http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

 This is Mini lattice Bag Material.
1. pattern and explanation (A5 size 8 pages)

2. 230g parchment paper 2 sheets (printed pattern for making Work Grid 13.6*19.6cm)
3. No.36 handles 3 sets (Gold or Silver)
4. No.182 Bag Stand 1 set
5. Rhinestones SS6 120 pieces (Crystal AB)

We need Pergamano Straight A4 Grid or PCA-Bold Straight A4 FlexiDuo Grid
Aim the black dots of thick parchment paper at the hole of Grid, affix them together with tape,

Perforate all black dots.

 Finish Work Grids!

Affix Work Grids on the Grid with tape, then put a sheet of parchment paper between Work Grid and Grid, then affix other side of Grid with tape.

Perforate all holes.

Then accorde to the pattern and explanation to emboss  and cut.
Finish two layers of bag.

Finish the bag and hang it on the Bag Stand.

It is so tiny and cute.

I finished many bags for friends' gifts, I think they are very nice all my friends love them.


Mamisette said...

Coucou Amanda ,
oui , ils sont trop mignons ces petits sacs ! J'en ai déjà réalisé plusieurs que j'ai offerts avec du chocolat à l'intérieur ...
MERCI pour ces superbes créas , j'adore !!!
Amicalement .Mamisette

Amanda said...

Thank you very much!
It's a good idea to put some candies into it, many people would like it.

patricia Murphy said...

They look amazing.

patricia Murphy said...

They look amazing.