Chinese New Year Card

Happy New Year to all my dear friends. The Chinese New Year is on 2 feb, the golden Chinese word mean blessing. you can download the free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

Patterns A, B and C were made of ordinary parchment paper.
Pattern D was made of vellum Satin Purple.
The golden Chinese word was made of vellum gold.

Perforationg (Deep)
With 2-needle: along outlines of the Chinese word frame

Cut along 2-needle perforations

Pattern A

T gold: 2011

Perforationg (Shallow)
With 5-needle and Semi-circle: according to the pattern

With Star 2mm and 4mm: according to to the pattern
With extra small ball: dots between the 5-needle perforations

With 1-needle: inside the 2011

Perforationg (Deep)
With 2-needle: inside bouble frame, along T Gold tracing and outlines
With 5-needle and Semi-circle: a second time perforation according to the pattern

Cut along 5-needle and Semi-circle perforations.

Glue the golden Chinese word on Pattern A

Pattern A and Pattern D

 Glue the pattern A on Pattern D.

Pattern B

With 1-needle bold perforate using the Embossing and perforation A4 straight Grid: perforate black dots according to pattern.
Don't perforate gray dots.

With extra small ball: dots between the 5-needle perforations

Cut 4 perforations hole between embossing dots into crosses, only near fold line.

Fold the line and fix the two layers with tape, then perforate outlines.

Emboss all dots between five needle perfroation and cut all crosses and along 1-needle bold perforations.

Pattern C
You can see  "hwo to make small flowers" at http://amanda-craft.blogspot.com/2010/05/grid-atc.html

With 1-needle bold perforate using the Embossing and perforation A4 Diagonal Grid: perforate all black dots

With small ball: small circle

Cut along 1-needle perforations

Affix Pattern A on B, then glue some flowers (pattern D) on Pattern A


Anonymous said...

encore une jolie carte merci Amanda de nous offrir c'est belles créations Annette

Amanda said...

You are welcome!
Hope you enjoy to do it.

Anonymous said...

this is simply elegant. the small flowers are so pretty. the gold work is very vibrant and i was wondering what paint you use? the gidwork is beautiful!

Amanda said...

Hi Paperlace:
Thank you for your praise.
The gold word was made of glod paper.