Flower Bookmark

This is a Flower Bookmark, you can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw

The project was made of ordianry parchment paper.

T white: all curves (pattern A and C)
White pencil: all curves (pattern B)
With 4-needle: according to pattern (Pattern A)
With Small Ball: dots between 4-needle perforations (Pattern A)
With 1-needle: frame edge (Pattern A), inside the patels (Pattern C)
With 2-needle: along the curves and outlines (Pattern A and C)
With 4-needle: a second time according to pattern (Pattern A)
Cut 4-needle perforations into crosses and slots, along 2-needle perforations and white pencil tracing. (All Pattern)
(E)(L)(N)Hole the gray circle

Pattern A was finished!

Pattern C was finished!

Pattern B was finished!

Pattern A, Pattern B, 2 piece of Pattern C, 1 piece Brad and ribbon.

Affix 2 piece of Pattern C, Pattern A and Pattern B together with Brad, then tied the ribbon.


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