love card 2

This is also a love card, there are three 3D flowers and lace design. you can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

(1)(2) Cut out pattern B and pattern C

(3) some stamens

(4) some green thick wires and fine wires

(5) Paint the flowers with Pintura yellow and pinta perla gold, 3 flowers were painted full color, another only flower petals.

(6) Emboss petals with embossing tool large ball.

(7) Emboss middle part in frontage with embossing tool large ball.

(8) Glue two flowers together.

(9) perforate 7 holes with perforating tool 1-needle blod in middle part.

(10) The stamens pass through the holes, the roots spread perga-glue.

(11) fix the thick wire and stamens together with double-sided tape.

(12) paint leaves with pinture green and pinta perla copper, emboss leaves with embossing tool extra large ball.

(13) emboss leaf vein in frontage.

(14) fix fine wire and leaf with perga-glue.

(15) frontage

(16)Fix 3 flowers and six leaves together with double-sided tape.

(17) Tie to the ribbon bow. Finished!

(18) Another is painted with pintura bordeaux red, of course you can make any color.

(19)Dorse red with dorso oil inside small heart, and perforate double half herat lines with perforating tool 2-needle, trace word with T white, and emboss with embossing tool large ball.

(20)cut along 2-needle perforations, and fold the fold lines.

(21) fix all hearts. Finishes!

(22) you can see how to make the frame at http://amanda-craft.blogspot.com/2009/07/mini-ellipse-card.html
With perforating tools 5-needle and semi-circle: according to pattern (pattern A)
With embossing tool extra small ball:dots between 5-nedle perforations (pattern A)
With embossing too star and 4mm star: according to pattern (pattern A)
With perforationg tools 5-needle and semi-circle: a second time according to pattern (pattern A)
Cut along 5-needle and semi-circle perforations.
Fix the bouquet with double-sided tape. Completed!

(23) Red bouquet is also very nice!

Happy Valentine day!


Mamisette said...

Thank's very much Amanda .It's very nice this pattern .
Greetings .

Amanda said...

Thank you! I am glad you like it.

mamieperga said...

Bonjour amanda, j'aime beaucoup tous vos modèles, très fins et gracieux.

Amanda said...

Thank you very much!

Isabelle said...

Vraiment très joli, merci beaucoup

Amanda said...

Thank you very much!

marian said...

thanks amanda.
this is a great pattern from you.
thanks marian.

Amanda said...

Amanda, your work is exquisite!!!! Thanks for sharing so much with us. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog, I will be back daily to see your lovely creations.
Happy crafting.

Amanda said...

Thank you!
I am glad you like my works,I think parchment craft is wonderful,it make world smaller, I have mmany friends come from many countries.

ARTZisCINTA said...


thanks for sharing all those lovely pattern..

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