They are bead grapes, to do them is very easy.
Beads craft is very Popular in Taiwan, it is suitable for all ages, everyone enjoy the fun of DIY.

A: Mobile phone strap
B: ant
C: stopper bead
D: leaf bead
E: single beads
F: big hole triple-bead
G: smal hole triple-bead
H: silk thread

(2) The silk thread throught the beads, according to picture E-F-G-G-G-G-D-D
(3) Then B-C

(4)Silk thread wound on a couple of laps in the stopper bead.
(5)Put fine iron bar into the silk thread laps stretched more easily.
(6)Taut the silk thread.

(8) Squash the stopper bead.
(7) Cut off the excess, do not cut too short
(9) Squash the ant.

(10) link ant and mobile phone strap , then squash hook of ant.
(11) enlarge
(12) completed!

They are yellow, green and purple.
You can buy DIY material package at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/products.aspx?Id=3


Sathya said...

This is Sathya from Tainan, Taiwan. Happened to visit your blog when i was searching for parchment patterns.

Really amazed to see your works....

Can you suggest me the place where parchment kits are available in Tainan as am eager to learn this pergamano.

Am a quiller and you are welcome to visit my blog http://sathyapapercrafts.blogspot.com

Amanda said...

A Pergamano teacher live in Tainan, this is her blog: