3D keyring

You can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

Pattern A and C are made of ordinary parchment paper.
PatternC is made of pvrchment paper red.

Perforatin and embossing on grid
With perforating tool 1-needle bold, embossing tool extra small ball , embossing and perforating grid straight A4: according to pattern (pattern A and B)
With perforating tool 1-needle, Multi grid 04: according to pattern (pattern C)

With embossing tool small ball: the drops inside the perforations of 1-needle bold (pattern A)
With embossing tool extra small ball: lines (pattern C)

Cut out gray area, cut along 1-needle and 1-needle bold perforations.

pattern A and B are finished!

Pattern C are finish! You can see how to make flower of grid at http://amanda-craft.blogspot.com/2009/08/grid-flower-with-step-by-step.html

Glue flowers on pattern B!

Glue pattern B on back of pattern A.

Fold the fold line.

Fold another fold line.

Glue them together. Tweezers are suggested to use.

adjust the work to the arch!

Put the work into 3D keyring and covered with lid.!

We havedifferent patterns on two sides of the 3D keyring!


Anonymous said...

fabulous! Thanks for sharing the pattern and instructions.

Amanda said...

You are welcome!
I had gone to see you blog, it is great!