mini circular bag

You can download the pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/

Pattern A is made of parchment parer rainbow.
Pattern B is made of ordinary parchment paer.

With perforating tool 2-needle: gray lines (pattern A )
With perforating tool semi-circle: acording to pattern (pattern A)
With perforating tool 1-needle bold: black point (pattern A )

With perforating tool 2-needle: gray lines (pattern B)
With perforating tool 1-needle bold: black point (pattern B)

With embossing tool wheel: rolls the wave line. (pattern A)
With embossing tool star and cross knife: reference color picture. (pattern A)

With embossing tool wheel: randomly roll only handle according to color picture (patternB)

Cut semi-circle perforations, and cut along 2-needle perforations. (pattern A)

Cut along 2-needle perforations. (pattern B)


Fold all the fold lines.

Combine according to color picture and fix with plastic needle.

Fixthe base part of plastics needle.

Press out fold line.

Cut unnecessary part of plastics needle.

Glue Swarovski Rhinestones. Completed!

Other side.

I put a candy in it.

you can buy Plastic needle and base at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/
You can e-Mail me if you have any question, my e-Mail: yeh.ching.craft@gmail.com


marinette said...

blog magnifique ou les tutos sont tres bien detaillers tres beau travail felicitations

Jan said...

Love the your mini bag Amanda,
I have just made it.