mini kimono with step by step

This is a good gift mini kimonos.

Rub the pattern in the front.

Dorse with dorso oil in the back.

Emboss them according to colur picture.

Perforate with perforation tool 2-needle.

Fold the kimono and glue a little paerga-glue according to color picture.

Glue a bow.

Glue some Swarvoski Rhinestones.

There are my mini kimono fimaly.

To make some aluminum clothes rack.

Put dresses on the clothes racks and put them in the box.

Close the box! Finish!


Cole said...

It is very beautyful .... IM french bye whit the picture i anderstand your's mini kimono step by step ...

Tank you ... Cole


Mamisette said...

very nice your mini kimono ,Amanda.

Susy said...

Thank you for sharing directions!
I wonder what is that tool in the step "glue a bow"... I've never seen one!
Thank you again, your parchment craft is really lovely and brilliant! Susy from Italy

mamieperga said...

Merci pour ces explications, ces kimonos sont ravissants et je les verrai bien devant des invités à table, un peu comme des marques places.
mamieperga, France

stampz said...

lovely work, really like them all must have taken you ages to complete but very worth it

Anonymous said...

How cute! Amazing work! :)))
Kisses, Marcia Abud