My first parchment craft bag

This is my first parchment craft handbag, I spent 8 hours to finish it in 2004, afterwards I have completed the near 50 kinds of handbags.

I will publish my book of parcment craft next year, it contains 20 kinds of fine romantic handbags.

This bags was done by dorso crayons, grid fine mesh, embossing tool small ball and pointed scissors stainless steel, finally I sewed by the thread and beads.

The size is 8cm, 11.5cm and 3.5cm

Do you want to do the same bag? you can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/


crapahute said...

your bag is lovely. Could you send me your pattern ?
My e-mail address : blanc.eliane@free.fr
Thank you in advance
Eliane from France

Laura said...

Your bag is wonderful!! I like it very much! Is it difficult?? I0m new with Pergamano! If it's not difficult can you send me the pattern? My e-mail: lauramiamail@gmail.com
Laura from Italy

Amanda said...

Thank you for your praise, I had sent you the pattern

ledensite said...

hi Amanda, What a beautifull handbag you made.
You're so kind to share this with us and I also love to get the pattern.
My Mail adresse are marnelia@corryscreations.eu

Thank you for it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, reallly lovely this bag, my emailadres is mrsbarney@lgoogle.com...Thank you in advance...and a happy new year.....

Kind regards, Marion.

Maddy said...

Hello amanda, the bag is soooo beautiful, your work is so beautiful, I just love your patterns. The dress and the other tops are just stunning, you are so talented, can't wait to see the book!
Thanks for sharing them with us.
Love Judy

Ti-tootzie said...

very beautiful. I'm interest for the pattern

Thank you

Amanda said...

for MBeetje

I tried to send you the pattern but failure, I don't know what's matter, do you have another e-Mail box?

I already try mrsbarney@lgoogle.com and mrsbarney@google.com

Marilee said...

Dear Amanda,
I am one of your most admiring fans. Your work in purses is extraordinary and beautiful.
Last year I asked about a more 'English friendly' version of your site. This year, I have been more successful in seeing your work on your site.
Thank you for accommodating English.
I would very much like to have your pattern sent to:
With admiration,
Marilee from Califoria

chrystyrich said...

Hi Amanda
What a lovely handbag and so too are the kimonos. I would love to see your book you are very talented.
I would love to receive your pattern as I am new to parchment I love trying new things.
my email address is
chrystyrich@tiscali.co.uk or chrystyrich@googlemail.com

Thank you for sharing your lovely work.
Kind regards

crisp said...

Your bags are absolutely stunning
could you email me the patterns please
thank you

martine.lh said...

Hello Amanda
Your bags are very beautiful. I'm interest for the pattern.
My e-mail address : martine.lh@neuf.fr
Thank you

Martine from France

Adie said...

amanda, your handbags are stunning,I would love a copy of your pattern
hugs adie

JayEm said...

The bag is very sweet. I look forward to being able to buy your book with handbag patterns when it is published.
Please can you send me the pattern for this bag to my email address:


Many thanks.

alpana said...

ur bags are awesome......
i just loved it.
can u please send me the patterns?
my email id is j.alpana@gmail.com
thank u :)

carla said...

hello amanda

your bags are beautifull.
I like to make some bags I will please a pattern.
thank you very much


Danièle said...

Dear Amanda,
So beautiful your bag, can you send me the pattern to my e-mail : boulle.g@orange.fr,
thank you so much,kinds regards

Sunday711 said...

Dear Amanda,
Your handbags are beautiful; I would love a copy of your pattern.
My email address: i_suratman@yahoo.com
Thank you for sharing your lovely work.
Kind regards

Sue said...

Dear Amanda,

Your handbags are gorgeous !
I shall be asking my friends who would like to join together to purchase some copies of your book. In the meantime, please could you send me a copy of this lovely pattern.
my email is suehastwell@ntlworld.com
thank you very much in advance.

Aury said...

Hola Amanda,? could you send me a copy of the pattern? Thanks for sharing your beautifull work and I want your book too.
auguerra@bellsouth.net Hugs Aurora Guerra

Amanda said...

Hi all:
I had sent the patterns to you!

Inge said...

Hallo Amanda, I am german woman. My english is very bad. Your bags are very, very nice. Can you please send me the patterns?

Amanda said...

Hi Inge:
Yes, I will send you the patterns, Please tell me your e-Mail.

Inge said...

Dear Amanda, my e-Mail is inge.doepfert@gmx.de
thank you, so very much.

Jane said...

I would dearly like to have your pattern. Also, will those little kimono patterns be inside your book or for sale separately? You have done some wonderful bags. Thank you for your generous offer.


monica said...

Hi Amanda a very lovely site and bags can u please send me the pattern of your first handbag,this is my email.mom7203@gmail.com
Thanks for sharing

monica said...

here is my email adress again i did a mistake sorry.mon7203@gmail.com

malou said...

I've post a comment , but I don't see it !
Can you send me this pattern ?
Thank you very much !
My e-Mail is : Jean-Michel.Barbier5@wanadoo.fr
( Malou is Marie-Louise , I've post any comments before subscribe by e-Mail )

Amanda said...

Hi Malou:
I put my free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/, you can download by yourself.

If you cann't download, please tell me, I wil send you the pattern.

malou said...

Thank you Amanda , I've find it !