Easy fan

This is a easy fan, beginner can make it, you can download the free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/, hope you enjoy doing it.

The project was made of ordianry parchment paper

Step 1:
Perforate shallow with 4-needle according to the pattern

Step 2:
Emboss all dots among 4-needle perforations with embossing tool Small Ball.

Embossing was finished!

Step 3:
A second time 4-needle perforate deep. 

Step 4:
Cut 4-needle perforations into crosses. 
Now we will make a fan, perforate the curves of the fan withe 2-needle, and repeat the above 4-needle's practice, cut along the 2-needle perforations.


Mothers' Day card

This is a Mother Day's Card, you can download free pattern at http://www.amanda-craft.com.tw/ , hope you enjoy doing it.

This project was made with ordinary parchment paper.

Step 1: Fold the fold line, trace the English Words with Gel Pen Copper, flowers and curves and frame with Gel Pen White.

Step2: Dorse the background of the English words and flowers with Dorso oil.

Step 3: Emboss the bouble frame and flowers with embossing tool Large Ball, the English with Small Ball, curves with embossing tool Extra Small Ball.

Step 4: Perforate inside along the curves, and outside along the frame  with 2-needle.

Step 5: Cut along 2-needle perforations along the frame.