My new book

This is my new book "EXQUISITE BAGS IN PARCHMENT CRAFT", it will be published in middle October, there are 10 bag, 4 bookmark, 4 card and 2 fan patterns, total is 76 pages in the book, all of them are very exquisite.
You will see Grids were used with special method, with step by step combining method of 10 bags, you can finish every bag easily by yourself.
I would like to thank to my family, and two angles Guo Yu-Ling (Miki Green) and Linda Moga Rivera for their contribution to this book.

They are 4 bags.

They are the Rectangle Bag's handles.

They are 4 Bags.

They are Layer Bag and Blossom Bags' handles.

They are ornaments of Tortuous Bag.

They are two bags and two bookmarks.

They are ornaments of Honeycomb Bag.

They 2 bookmarks.

They are 2 fans.

They are 4 cards.

You need some brads.

You also need some plastic needles and bases, you can buy my book and all ornaments at my website.

Order and pay before 5th October, you will get some special gift.
You can pay with Paypal account or credit card.